gabriel gomes 

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Studied Graphic Design @ Belas Artes in São Paulo and have been working with digital experiences for the past 9 years and 5 years with user-centered & user experience design. Past experiences includes companies like Avianca, Santander, Bradesco, Fleury, AES Eletropaulo, Yahoo, Tumblr, New York Times, Shell, and other some contributions.

Since 16' works @ Fjord with design consulting for large firms creating services and experiences that people love for the most diverse areas - going from financial, to entertainment and health. From 13’ to 15’ did some cool stuff with awesome people @ Yahoo and other personal & parallel freelancing projects with friends and companies.

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Put the user in the heart of the process, offer simplicity, excellent aesthetics, respect their ethics and make use of existent heuristics but without fear to risk things never tried before that even users may be uncomfortable with at first & enjoy the process.

Believe also that the designer has a responsibility with empathy - as a tool and as a way of seeing things and putting ourselves on other peoples shoes. That includes our users, stakeholders, design team, developers, etc. The collaborativeness must be both united and diverse. Imagine if each person involved in the process brings a word. That’s diversity.

Imagine if we, together, work to solve this word-puzzle, forming a message. Each word on it’s place and function. That’s unity. The result is a message, a story.

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