gabriel gomes 

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A 24 yrs old designer. A creative ‘Paulista’ inspired by his creative Father.
Believes in the power of unity & diversity of people and companies together shaping culture and fostering innovation and change.

Lover of people, expression & intensity through art and music.
Believe in principles of justice, compassion, respect and integrity in day-to-day life and in the process of design. Two words? joy & hope. (and the Brazilian exclusive “saudade”)

Started working really soon in a part-time job with my father who is technical drawer for packaging and learned principles of design, precision and excellence for a good craft, things that he cares a lot.
Later started to understand that design is more than an end, it’s a process that involves people of all kinds and roles to create not only solutions that people want, but what people really need - and delight. A human approach with a holistic view.

what I’ve done

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